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Stop-Smoking Hypnotherapy

You want freedom from smoking, fantastic! 


I trained with the founder of The Simmons Method™, Cathy Simmons, whose approach is science-based and shows great results in clients becoming permanently free from smoking. 


Are you worried about the impact of smoking like:

  •  your health

  • the health of your children/ partner/ pet (yes)

  • pre-mature ageing

  • money spent on cigarettes or tobacco

  • the smell of your clothes, etc.

  • stress (yes, cigarettes cause stress)


You may be at a point where the reasons above weigh stronger than the positive associations with the smoking that you created. Just imagine yourself being free of the dependency on cigarettes, your toxic-free body, your fresher-looking skin, craving-free on a long-haul flight, or whatever it looks like for you. 


It is absolutely possible to let go of the smoking with ease, and stress-free.

What to expect


1. At your free Freedom From Smoking Call, we discuss all questions you have and decide whether you want to go ahead with the programme.


2. Based on the information from our call, I am designing the programme for you, taking into consideration your unique circumstances, triggers, and motivations. I will give you tasks that prepare you for the first session.


3. We book your session which will be held in person or via Zoom. This session lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. The duration allows for the session to be intense, effective, stress-free, and fun.


4. Observe the positive differences of being smoke-free, e.g. your breathing & stamina, your healthier skin, food tastes better, freed-up time...


5. Free Follow-up, if needed. Most people do not need anything more at this point. However, people are different and sometimes life can challenge us. To help you to stay free of smoking permanently, I offer 4 months of free follow-up that includes email and phone support as well as sessions that deal with your smoking.

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