Free Hypnosis Download

Below is a free download for you, an English and a German version, to help you to relax and regenerate, and to give you a taste of 'being in trance' can feel. 

It is simply a deep state of relaxation that we are all familiar with but experience far too seldom.

You will also hear the breathing of my sleeping cat, Herbert, in the background, which should bring you even deeper into relaxation.

I recommend listening to it daily, maybe even more than once, and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

It is best to listen to the download wearing headphones as a special audio technology is used to create a more powerful result.

Counter Indication

Consult your doctor before listening to the recording if you have a medical history of mental illness, seizures, epilepsy, or heart problems. 

It is advisable to be cautious if you are pregnant.

Do not listen to the recording if you are driving or operating machinery!