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Hypnotherapy Workshop

Do you feel stressed or anxious by the thought of having to do a presentation at work, stand up for yourself, or even to communicate with family members?  Would you like to perform better, and remain calmer and more confident in those situations?
This workshop will explain why we often feel and behave this way and why in other situations we can act much more mature and rational. Often, knowing 'why' we do the things we do allows us to manage our actions and emotions better. But this is only part of the solution. With Hypnotherapy we also work on the emotional aspect of our problems because a positive thought put over a negative emotion creates more stress and often results in self-blame, e.g. I am not strong, disciplined, controlled enough etc.


Therefore, if we change the emotion connected to a problem the thoughts around it will change automatically and so will the behaviour.  This does not require 'hard work', instead the new way of being feels natural and more like 'being yourself'.


What if you could learn how to:

  • turn anxiety into excitement? 

  • control the intensity of your emotions?

  • feel and look confident in situations that are important to you?


What to expect?

You will not be asked to 'share' your feelings with the group unless you want to or to openly confront your issue. Most of the work will be done in writing and through voluntary conversation.


You will learn simple yet powerful techniques that are going to help you to manage: 

  • stressful situations

  • unwanted behaviours

  • unhelpful thoughts

  • negative emotions etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested but not sure whether this is the right workshop for you. 

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