Cognitive Hypnotherapy in East London and via Skype

Cognitive Hypnotherapy, as formulated by Trevor Silvester, founder of Quest-Institute London, is a therapy that uses techniques from different schools, such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), Gestalt Therapy, Positive Psychology and others, as well as 

language of suggestion as modelled by Milton Erickson, to allow the therapist to tailor their approach to each client. Because everybody does their problem in his or her unique way.


What can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help with:


  •  anxiety 

  •  stop smoking

  •  addictions

  •  relationship issues 

  •  unwanted behaviours 

  •  stress and negative feelings 

What is Hypnosis or Trance?


Cognitive Hypnotherapy has nothing in common with

Stage Hypnosis that is used for entertainment purposes.  

Being in a trance (an altered state of consciousness) is similar to when you are driving in your car whilst having a conversation going on in your head, and somehow you arrive at your destination. We say that it was your unconscious that guided you.    

Research suggests that we are only fully aware, or conscious of our doings 10% of the time whilst the rest of the time our unconscious is in charge.  

A Cognitive Hypnotherapist uses a light trance, where you are in full control at all times, to facilitate a “conversation” with your unconscious to help you to find the root of your problem and to free you from the negative emotions that are attached to it, which limit and restrict you in certain areas of your life.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in 3 Minutes

What to expect


In your first session, we explore your problem or issue: How you do it? When and Why it occurs? We discuss your goals and how you can achieve them. If appropriate you will be sent an MP3 download that is specially recorded for you to listen to until your next session where we continue with the treatment plan we both agreed on.


Standard sessions last between 60 -75 minutes. Typically 2 - 6 sessions are sufficient to undo a problem because once you have ‘reset’ your brain patterns change is generative without the active role of a therapist. Sessions can be held in person, on the phone, and via Skype.


If at the end of the initial session you or I believe this is not the right approach for you, the session will not be charged. I may recommend another therapist that may be better able to help you.


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